AMU faculty delivers talk

Aligarh: Dr Mohammad Rihan, Associate Prof, Department of Electrical Engineering, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), and Member-in-Charge of the Electricity Department delivered an invited tutorial talk on “Decarbonizing the Electric Power Grid: Requirement, Opportunities and Challenges” in the 6th lnternational Students Conference on Engineering and Systems sponsored by IEEE and organized by M N National Institute of Technology, Allahabad.

Dr Rihan discussed the need and ways of decarbonizing the grid and how the green energy sources are helping in that. The challenges encountered in maintaining the grid due to variable nature of wind and solar, the effect of inertia less generation, and the two way flow of electricity in the distribution side were also discussed. The role of emerging technologies like Wide Area Measurement, Internet of Things, Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning was also discussed. The need for re aligning the training, education, and research in Electrical Engineering in the light of these changes was also emphasized.

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