AMU faculty gets invention patented

Aligarh: A compound lever handle for hand pumps invented by Dr Shamshad Ali, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Section, University Polytechnic, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) will reduce the force required to operate a hand pump, lower the fatigue levels of the users and increase efficiency.

The product, which has been patented as an intellectual property by the Patent Office, Government of India (GoI) makes resistance from one lever in the system of levers of a hand pump as an effort for the next resulting in amplification of applied force from one lever to the next.

Explaining the function of the compound lever, Dr Shamshad said, “The user of the hand pump with this compound lever will require lesser force to gush forth water from the pump, while maintaining a body posture which is not stressful for the spine.”

The product is specifically designed to reduce the physical force for pulling out water through hand pumps, he said.

“With this compound lever, the piston rod of the hand pump is pulled in upward direction with the help of a chain wrapped around the socket,” informed Dr Shamshad adding that the socket is connected with the handle through a gear train for the movement of piston rod by less movement of the handle.

He pointed out that the conventional hand pumps require users to bow down and use of lot of force to push the heavy handles.

Dr Shamshad had earlier secured exclusivity of an electro-mechanical juicer grinder, patented by the Patent Office, GoI.