AMU faculty member patents unique inverter for clean energy


Aligarh : Apocalyptic warnings keep coming with fears around global warming, but thankfully, innovators like Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) faculty member from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Dr Mohd Tariq are offering a ray of hope for the foreseeable future.

His invention, ‘CTU- Power Electronic Inverter System’ patented by the Patent Office, Commonwealth of Australia, capable of producing cleaner power on a seven-level single-phase voltage by multiplying the DC input voltage by three times and decreasing the voltage level requirement at the input side, will go a long way in proving unique and useful. The invention will soon be fairly placed to replace the conventional inverters.

According to Dr Tariq, “This invention can widely be applicable in household applications for low power range to high utility power conversion with the technology similar to solar PV systems, electric vehicles and energy efficient systems used in railways and industries”.

Power Electronic inverters are also a key component in most PV systems installed for grid-connected and standalone applications, he pointed out.

Dr Tariq has invented the inverter with assistance from junior research fellows, Deepak Upadhyay and Shahbaz Ahmad Khan—who work with him on his Australian-funded research projects.



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