AMU Faculty Members patent method to Protect Ferrocement from Corrosion

Aligarh : ‘Technique for Protection of Ferrocement from Corrosion’, an intellectual property invented by Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) faculty members, Prof Sabih Akhtar and Prof Mohammad Arif of the Department of Civil Engineering and Prof Mumtaz A Qureshi, Department of Applied Chemistry has recently been granted a patent by the Patent Office, Government of India.

The invention is designed to provide protection of reinforcement in ferrocement through a galvanized wire mesh, increased effective cover and dense mortar.

“This technique has been successfully tested to eliminate chances of damages caused to metal, stone, or other materials by corrosion. It will help to produce durable fibre reinforced in concrete composite material system with enhanced mechanical performance”, said Prof Sabih Akhtar, Prof Mohammad Arif and Prof Mumtaz A Qureshi.

They added: “We studied the process of onset and propagation of corrosion in a wire mesh and combined calcium based corrosion inhibitor and polyphenol to enhance the durability of ferrocement”.