AMU faculty patent cricket bat with detachable handles


Aligarh : Bat engineering has met cricket with the invention of ‘A Cricket Bat with Detachable Handle of Varying Length’—poised to offer unparalleled control and balance to spirited batsmen.

The product invented by Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) faculty members, Professor Tariq Murtaza from the Department of Physical Education and Shamshad Ali, Associate Professor, University Polytechnic has been recently patented by Government of India’s Patent Office.

“Since cricketers for very long have been carrying many different types of bats, we felt it was imperative to address this problem and produce a bat that allows batsmen to change handles on need basis. This bat reflects the values of the new age cricketer”, said Prof Tariq Murtaza and Shamshad Ali.

They added: “The cricket bat with detachable handle of changing length contains two parts, one that remains fixed with the blade of the cricket bat and the other with a portion for detachable handles in which handles of varied lengths can be fixed as per the requirement of the batsmen”.

According to Prof Tariq Murtaza and Shamshad Ali, “This invention reduces the weight of kit bags sand is economical. It is also environment friendly as the manufacturing of these bats will lessen use of the quantity of timber to half”.

They further said, “Whether you are a novice cricketer or a gnarled batsman, this bat is the cutting-edge new product to bring your game to the 21st century.”


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