AMU faculty speaks on nanomaterials

Aligarh : Dr Absar Ahmad, Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre (INC), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) spoke on the increasing applications of Nanomaterials for improvements in health care, enlarging agriculture potential, reducing pollution and power generation among other effective uses.

He was delivering the keynote address on ‘Fabrications of Nanomaterials, and their Applications in Healthcare, Agriculture, Environment, Energy and Life Sciences’ in the second international conference on ‘Mycotechnology: Present Status and Future Perspectives—MTPSFP 2022’ of the Department of Biotechnology, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology and Biotechnology Research Society of India.

The use of nanomaterials is the solution to one of the most pressing challenges of our time—which is to find alternative energy sources that are environmentally friendly, said Dr Absar.

He added: “There are several important applications of nanomaterials seen in varied areas such as the chemical industry, optics, solar hydrogen, fuel cell, batteries, sensors, power generation, aeronautic industry, building and construction, automotive engineering, consumer electronics, thermoelectric devices and pharmaceuticals”.

“Despite the size of a single unit between 1 and 100 nm on nanoscale, nanomaterials are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives. Scientists are using nanoparticles to target tumors, in drug delivery systems, and to improve medical imaging. Nanomaterials prepared by eco-friendly and green methods are increasing agriculture potential for improving the fertilization process, plant growth regulators and pesticides delivery of active components to the desired target sites, he added.

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