AMU Faculty speaks to McAfee School of Theology students


Aligarh: Prof Javaid Akhter, a senior faculty member at the Department of Business Administration, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and former University Registrar spoke on the ‘description of ‘Hifz’ and how is Quraan read without looking at it’ in a special interactive session with the MA (Theology) students of the McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University, Georgia, USA.

In the online session, Prof Javaid answered queries of students on how to recite and memorise Quran in an easy manner. He discussed correction of errors and ways to understand the Quran.

Prof Javaid also spoke on the historical events mentioned in the Quran and the chapters related to Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him).

Prof Robert Nash, faculty member, McAfee School of Theology said that during his visit to AMU in the Holy month of Ramadan, he and a colleague Dr Wasley Barker were invited to see the Taraveeh prayers at a mosque, where Prof Javaid led the prayer.

“The Quranic recitation during the Taraveeh left an impression on us and we wanted to share the experience with the students at the McAfee School of Theology,” said Prof Nash adding that the fact Prof Javaid, a business administration teacher has memorised the whole Quran made us more interested to conduct this session.

Mr Hasan Kamal, a distinguished USA based AMU alumnus also attended the online session.