AMU mourns demise of Prof Gopi Chand Narang


Aligarh : The demise of Prof Gopi Chand Narang, the iconic figure of Urdu literature has ascended a pall of gloom over Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and the university fraternity deeply mourns his death.

AMU Vice Chancellor, Prof Tariq Mansoor said: “Prof Narang was a living legend and that he had a close and long association with AMU. He has been a University Court member, Visitor Nominee and recipient of Honorary D. Lit degree. Prof Narang’s seminal work in various genres of Urdu literature fetched him Sir Syed National excellence award last year.”

“Prof Narang was a strong votary of Urdu Language and Indian values. His death is a personal loss to me as I shared warm personal relations with him. I extended my heartfelt condolences to Dr Manorma Narang and his two sons who live in the USA”, the Vice Chancellor added.

Prof Azarmi Dukht Safavi (Renowned scholar and Hony Director of Persian Studies) said: “ Prof Narang was well versed in Persian literature and refered to Hafiz, Rumi, Khusro, Bedil and other prominent Persian authors in his writings that blazed a new trail in Urdu literature”.

Prof Imtiyaz Hasnain (Noted linguist and Dean, Faculty of Arts) said, “Prof Narang applied stylistics, phonetics and other linguistic tools in his writings impeccably. He had a formal training in linguistics. His death created a void that can never be filled”.

Prof M Shafey Kidwai (Author and Sahitya Academy Awardee, 2019) said, “Prof Narang’s critical acuity and thorough grounding in latest theoretical discourse enlivened scholarship in Urdu. His wholesome writings have no parallel in Urdu literature.

Prof Mohammad Ali Jauhar (Chairman, Department of Urdu) deeply mourned the demise and described Prof Narang as the most powerful voice of propagator of Urdu language whose contribution to Indian literature remains unmatched.

Prof Asim Siddiqui (Chairman, Department of English) said that Prof Narang wrote extensively on fiction and new critical theories with critical acumen. His writings in English are equally prominent and wholesome. His books on Ghalib, Mir and Urdu Ghazal in English generated new interest in non-Urdu speaking readers.

Prof Ashiq Ali (Chairman, Department of Hindi) said, Prof Narang was not confined to Urdu literature as he worked relentlessly for Indian theory of literature. His books appeared in Hindi and got widespread acclaim.