AMU student creates ‘Automated Covid-19 Sanitisation System’

Aligarh: Satendra Pal Singh, a final-year student of the Diploma in Electrical Engineering at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) was procrastinating meetings with kith and kin, but he had a good excuse. For the past couple of weeks, he spent all his time to create an ‘Automated Covid-19 Sanitisation System’ with mechanical engineering students, Yogesh Baghel and Narendra Tomar and its presentation at the national level online hackathon competition organised by CMR Engineering College, Hyderabad won him the second prize.

Satendra’s Automated Covid-19 Sanitisation System was judged on the second position in the ‘health-care category’ from among creations of 70 teams of engineering students from across the country.

“We have four cost effective models of this machine, which can easily identify infected people with their body temperatures and prevent them from mixing with normal people,” said Satendra.

He added that the machine can ideally be installed at entry points of hospitals, offices, schools, colleges, universities, apartments, residential societies, malls, restaurants, hotels, factories, workshops, gymnasiums, stadiums, shops, railway and metro stations, airports and banks.

Satendra, who has already installed the machine units at various public places with successful results, said that with his team, he is working to improve the machine by adding new features such as an alarm system and barriers for infected people. The different variations of the machine currently have automated systems for hand hygiene, thermal scanning, whole body sanitisation and shoe hygiene.

Satendra’s Automated Covid-19 Sanitisation System is a walkthrough disinfection system equipped with nozzles for spraying disinfectant. When a person enters the system, it automatically begins to sprinkle disinfectant after sensing his/her weight.