AMU student scores 100 percentile in NET exam

Aligarh: Stemming from a humble family based in the Panch Nagri, Sasni Gate area of Aligarh, Kajal Bhardwaj, a Phd student from the Department of Hindi, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) scored 100 percentile in the UGC-NET/ JRF examination.

Her report card renewed the sense of purpose and maintained spirits of her father, Mr Munesh Pal Bhardwaj, who was undergoing stress with anxious thoughts of future after losing his job. Kajal’s exemplary success through sheer hard work has taken her family out of the abyss of uncertainty.

“I wanted to make my parents happy by qualifying the NET/ JRF exam with flying colours,” said Kajal adding that with little money, she couldn’t afford to employ services of professional coaching centres, but experiments with different methods of learning became her success recipe.

“Like other candidates, I analysed the previous years’ question papers to understand the trend of the questions asked, but unlike most of my contemporaries, I also studied the roots and theories of wrong answers in the multiple choice questions,” said Kajal.

She pointed out that the many wrong answer options in the previous year papers can be repeated as correct answers with different questions.

“I allotted days to each topic and tried to adhere to the schedule. This way I got in the habit of studying during the same hours every day,” Kajal emphasised.

She said, “I made sure to study those subjects first that I found tough and which required me to clear my concepts. I made a strategy to mix and match easy subjects with the difficult ones.”

“I followed free Youtube lessons that helped me to brush my knowledge on every subject. But, above all, my teachers in AMU have been instrumental in clearing all my concepts,” said Kajal.

Advising AMU NET aspirants, Kajal exhorts them to refer PG books for studying the theory of their main subjects and the best available guides to practice questions.

“Making a routine of revising whatever you learn is very important as this will help in better retention of concepts. The candidates should have confidence in themselves and in their preparation to achieve goals,” she said.