AMU to observe National Energy Conservation Day on December 14


Aligarh : A variety of activities across the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) to raise awareness on the significance of energy and the need of saving or conserving energy will be held to mark the National Energy Conservation Day 2021 on December 14.

“This day is observed every year in AMU to sensitise university students and staff on the importance of using less energy by ignoring excessive and inefficient consumption”, said Prof Mohd Rihan (Member-in-Charge, Department of Electricity).

He added: “Like the previous years, we will again observe Energy Conservation Day by raising awareness on the precise method of energy conservation—which is to utilise less energy by minimizing energy waste. It is hoped that December 14 observations will make people understand the significant role of energy conservation in creating a more environmentally kind world”.

“Under the directions of the Vice Chancellor, Energy Monitors have been designated from among the technical/clerical /support staff in each office, department and residential hall of the university to spread the message of energy conservation and its implementation. These Energy Monitors will be motivated by the heads of offices and departments for active involvement in energy conservation initiatives as the conservation campaign needs regular discussions and reminders about its importance and the effective ways for contribution”, stated a notice of the Department of Electricity.

It added: “If required the Member-in-Charge, Department of Electricity or other staff members can be contacted for necessary assistance”.

According to the notification, “Copies of National Energy Conservation Day pledge to adopt energy conservation and reducing wastage of energy has been circulated across all university departments, offices, faculties and schools—with general suggestions such as operating the air conditioners at 25 degrees, use of energy efficient devices for heating if required, insulating the rooms and cubicles from outside where air conditioners and heating devices are installed, regular cleaning of air conditioner filters, avoiding use of ornamental lights, replacing the filament lamps with energy efficient LEDs, switching off mobile and laptop chargers when not in use and avoiding wasteful use of electricity during daytime”.