AMU VC urges to study the causes of internal unrest in the Muslim World for sustainable peace

Aligarh: Vice Chancellor Prof Tariq Mansoor has urged to devise ways of conflict resolutions, so that Muslim world can live in peace and democracy finds roots in Muslim societies across the globe.

Prof Mansoor was speaking at the inaugural function of a two-day national seminar on “Contribution of the Department of Islamic Studies to Quranic Sciences” organized by the Department of Islamic Studies, Aligarh Muslim University.

“There is a need to study and understand the causes of internal unrest in the Muslim world. Internal conflicts, unrest and armed battles have resulted in human sufferings in a large swath of Muslim world and it is a huge challenge to find a sustainable solution for this burning problem?, he said. Giving examples of Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan etc, Prof Mansoor emphasised that there are linguistic and cultural differences in the Muslim world and one cannot expect a homogenous society but followers of different faith and ideologies can still live together in peace and prosper like Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey which are successful modern democracies with large Muslim population.

?AMU with multiple departments of studies is an ideal place for such a research project in which foreign collaborations can also be sought,? said Prof Mansoor

Prof Mansoor said the number of girl students has increased in the department of Islamic Studies which is a good sign; and it is in sync with the changing cultural norms and practices seen in some of the traditional societies like Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Muslim World.

?Islamic Studies is not just about theology but it is also concerned with the polity, culture, civilisation and economy of the Islamic World,? he added.

Prof. Mansoor also praised the Department of Islamic Studies of AMU terming it is part of heritage. He applauded the significant academic contributions of the department and assured to upgrade the infrastructure of the department.

Later, Prof Yasin Mazhar Siddiqui in his keynote address highlighted the contributions of the scholars from the department of Islamic Studies. Prof Masood Ahmad (former dean, Faculty of Life Sciences, AMU) highlighted the scientific and psychological dimensions of Quranic studies and services rendered by the scholars from AMU.

Earlier, Prof Muhammad Ismail welcomed the Vice Chancellor and other delegates.The program was conducted by Dr Abdul Majid Khan while Dr Ziauddin proposed the vote of thanks. Prof Akbar Husain, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences presided over the function.

Four books including the academic journal “Islamic Research Annual”, “Encounter with the West” by Dr Obaidullah Fahad, “Idara-e-Uloom-e-Islamia Aligarh Muslim University ki Seerat Nigaari”, and “Abdur Raheem Kidwai ke Quraani Mutaalaat” were also released during the inaugural function.

Prof Obaidullah Fahad (Chairman, Department of Islamic Studies) and other dignitaries were also present on the occasion.

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