AMU Vice Chancellor reaches students, assures them safety, congenial atmosphere

Aligarh: The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Vice Chancellor, Professor Tariq Mansoor on Thursday met the students sitting on Dharna and said that the police entry was an aberration and the University should function on its own. The police should have no role in the working of the University and law and order is to be maintained by the University.

He assured them that the University Administration is fully committed to provide congenial atmosphere and security to the students.

Prof Mansoor, who met the students without any security cover, categorically stated that no innocent student will be targeted and that the University has no issue if the students peacefully protest on any provision which they find objectionable.

He urged students to cooperate with the visiting National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) team and the fact finding committee headed by Justice V K Gupta (Former Chief Justice of the High Courts of Jharkand, Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand) set up by the University for a detailed investigation on what all transpired on the fateful night of December 15, in which a score of students were left injured.

In his conversation with students, the Vice Chancellor emphasised that the University administration is providing all assistance to the NHRC team.

Expressing deep regrets, Prof Mansoor said, “I deeply regret that students suffered injuries and the inconvenience they faced when they were asked to vacate hostels.”

He urged students to not believe in rumours and provocative and false posting on social media and further assured of having dialogues with students of all faculties on their return as the University is reopening in phases.

The Vice Chancellor also clarified that the University administration gave permission to the police only to bring the situation to normalcy and restore public order and that the police personnel were not supposed to enter any residential hostel.