AMU Vice Chancellor release books


Aligarh : Fourteen significant publications reflecting original contributions to various fields of study by Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) faculty members were recently released by Vice Chancellor, Professor Tariq Mansoor at this office.

These in-depth academic books are Jasmonates and Salicylates Signaling in Plants (Springer International Publishing), Plants Growth Regulators (Springer) and Plant Micronutrients (Springer) edited by Dr Tariq Aftab, Department of Botany; Meta-topolin: A Growth Regulator for Plant Biotechnology and Agriculture (Springer), edited by Dr Naseem Ahmad, Dept of Botany and Prof Miroslav Strnad; Areas of Social Work Practice (AlterNotes Press, New Delhi) edited by Dr Andleeb Rather, Dr Sameera Khanam and Mohd Uzair of the Department of Social Work; Ethics, Epistemology and Philosophy Development: An Evaluation (AR Enterprises, New Delhi), edited by Dr Abdul Shakil, Department of Philosophy; Tibbe Unani awr Hindustan by Prof Ashhar Qadeer, Chairman, Department of Kulliyat; CBME Based Practical Pharmacology (Writersgram Publication, New Delhi) by Prof Farida Ahmad, Dr Jameel Ahmad, Dr Bushra Hasan Khan and Dr Shujauddin; Quran Ki Khidmat (Conference Proceedings) edited by Department of Islamic Studies faculty members, Prof Obaidullah Fahad and Dr Ziauddin; Violence and Democracy in Islam by Prof Obaidullah Fahad; Centenary Issue of the Faculty of Arts in English, Urdu and Hindi languages; Baztab Adabiyat-e-Farsi Dar-e-Sadda-e-Hafdahmeen Miladi (Vol. I), Review of Persian Literature in the Seventeenth Century (Vol. II), Review of Persian literature in the seventeenth century AD (Vol. III) and Manba-ul-Ansab, authored by Syed Moinul Haq Jhonsoi and edited by Prof S M Asad Ali Khurshid, Director, Institute of Persian.

Releasing the books, Vice Chancellor, Prof Mansoor said, “These academic books are relevant outputs in research and a part of the knowledge base that will help readers to come to conclusions on challenging subjects”.

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