AMU Youth Climate Rally to create awareness

Aligarh: Climate change, which is a harsh reality of today, sparked a youth climate rally in Aligarh Muslim University. Uniting across different departments and facilities for a common cause, the students of AMU took to the streets and chanted slogans calling out for immediate action on escalating ecological emergency to sensitize the students on the campus. Aligarh Muslim University now joins the global platform where millions of youth all over the world have taken to streets to combat the climate change and spread awareness and educate masses for saving the future.

Rather than throwing away, old and broken pieces of cartons served as posters for the students, branded with the favorite taglines for the movement. The rally was preceded by speech from the main organizer, Ms Sara Dilshad who stressed on the need to save the planet, where students from AMU will be the role model to create awareness among youth of the country by organizing such campaigns in their respective institutions.

Street play was also demonstrated by the AMU Drama Club that emphasized on the reduction and disposal of plastic usage.

Students, with posters on sensitizing environmental issues, chanted slogans “Save Earth, Save Trees, There’s no Planet B” and “No Nature, No Future”.

The numbers of participants in rally multiplied as it moved forth with missionary zeal and one of the motivator Ms Namra Ali voiced out her thoughts about the climate emergency, sharing her ideas on action plan to avoid the situation getting from pan to fire.

Mr Saim Raza stated India’s statistical data on the global level and expressed his concerns regarding alarming increase in pollution.

The rally culminated at Bab-e-Syed where the students pledged to take every step to conserve and preserve the environment.

The focused students team consisting Amina Irshad, Nikhil Singh ,Ashhad Parvez ,Safi Abbas, Suhail Shamim, Fazila Ahmad, Areeba Dilshad, Orooba Asim, Oroosa Anwar, Yasoob Ali, Owais Qadir, Sidra Hassan, Mohd Ammar, Madhia, Aleena, Falah, Aqsa, Noreen, Salwa Khan, Wahida, Tuba Khan, Zain, Salwa, Sidra,Shamim, Tauquir, Tuba Khan and many more participated in the campaign.

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