Amway India launches #AmYoung; An initiative to promote entrepreneurship among millennials

New Delhi : Recognizing the need to invest in accelerating youth entrepreneurship and strengthen the gig economy, Amway India, one of the country’s leading FMCG direct selling companies, recently announced the launch of #AmYoung programme. Starting with the East and West markets, the initiative is aligned with Amway’s 10-year global growth vision of promoting entrepreneurship among youth by enhancing their leadership, business and social selling skills. Through this initiative, Amway India will provide comprehensive learning and opportunities to millennials to grow their businesses in the ever-evolving social media ecosystem, helping them power their passion and turn it into successful business ventures.


Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Anshu Budhraja, CEO, Amway India, said, “India today is among the world’s youngest countries. Consequently, over the last year, Amway has witnessed a significant surge of interest in its business model from the under-35 years’ category. In fact, last year, 61.5% of the new registrations were under the U35 category. Through their unwavering spirit and growth mind-set, they have built vibrant communities, offline and online, based on shared passions. These digitally empowered passionpreneurs are now expanding their reach beyond the conventional audience, irrespective of their professional experience or how tech-savvy they are. Through our guided entrepreneurship model, Amway has consistently fostered an environment of growth by offering opportunities to realize their full potential.”


“With initiatives like #AmYoung and the highly successful Nari Shakti, which was aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among women, we are creating an ecosystem that makes it easy and frictionless for our direct sellers to build their own business successfully and attain financial flexibility,” he added.


At the launch, RM, Amway India, said, “In this increasingly digital world, our direct sellers are our brand ambassadors. With project #AmYoung, we are helping our U-35 direct sellers align their skills with the rising business trends. The specially curated sessions with experienced mentors will also focus on the adoption of social commerce to grow businesses and move towards digital growth prospects of direct selling. With project #AmYoung, we are creating an accelerated pathway for our young entrepreneurs based on skills and passion, structured training modules with Amway leadership teams, among others.”


Amway has been committed to helping its 5, 50,000 direct sellers scale their business through continuous upskilling initiatives. Building on the success of the Nari Shakti programme, which was launched last year aimed at bringing Amway’s women Direct Sellers to the forefront by enhancing their existing skills to run their Amway businesses independently, #AmYoung is centered on enhancing skill sets of young direct sellers, build their knowledge about business practices, product trainings, usage of the various business tools and social commerce. The project also emphasizes on building business digitally with the rise of social commerce. It highlights the accelerated adoption of the digital medium to sustain businesses to move beyond the traditional ways of direct selling. The identified young direct sellers across the regions will be mentored by senior direct sellers and the Amway leadership team, who will guide them on their business journey.


Amway India has been consistently investing in promoting entrepreneurship among women and youth through multiple online and offline training sessions and workshops. In fact, currently more than 60% of Amway’s distributors are women. Aligned with its core philosophy, the company has been providing them with the right platform to explore their true potential.