An Edtech Revolution breaking through Demographic Preferences!

It might be a matter of contention if we say that the technology has changed it all for the better. There may be arguments in favour and against, alike, though no one will debate the gratification on prompt transit of a suitable product ordered online. Most of us began our journeys as a cyber-consumer by looking for cheap merchandise in virtual stores to browsing for trendy cuisines from a neighbouring food-stall, delivered to our homes in no time. The internet markets have come a long way, since then, to have invaded the desirable e-coaching spaces too. Its now turn of eVIDYA, a cyber edu-start-up belonging to Vidya Educare Private Limited to take e-coaching segment by storm. When it comes to matching the standards of a competitive-screening to fill a vacancy towards a prestigious government job, eVIDYA has rolled out a variety of customised and innovative e-coaching programs to suit your needs. We urge you to scroll through, unabated, to learn about the impeccable product features eVIDYA has to offer to its strong-willed aspirants.

 Its e-coaching just your way

Who would deny once being a competition-aspirant and still be at a severe loss to understand how to go about it. The mystery is more intense for tier-2 and tier-3 young residents who hold high ambitions but for scarce funds and learning resources in the vicinity. It has always been an arduous task for future-seeking students from mediocre cities to accomplish a successful search for a cheap but suitable brick-mortar coaching facility in the neighbourhood. The long-lasting mis-adventure has eventually come to an abrupt halt during the pandemic though paving way for the virtual coaching players to make an indelible mark on the government screening-inclined aspirants.

“We at eVIDYA have not only simplified the customary ordeal for you through our comprehensive e-coaching platform but also integrated in it all the pre-requisites for fool-proof Preparation targeting a vacant government slot. Our potential consumers, the aspirants, can get registered on the eVIDYA App to avail the tailor-made coaching package of their language choice at meagre prices and unfold instant benefits from the wraps on a blink”, remarked Saurabh Jain, the Chairperson eVIDYA, who is quite optimistic about the e-venture and the benefits its bound to offer. The various elements on the toolbar, for your immediate access, have been arranged in a logical fashion for the seamless navigation and prompt use. Whenever you feel a little despondent enroute your goal, our vast array of learning resources hold you intact for the variety it offers. The exploration to learn is never- ending and when eVIDYA has it configured all at one place, you will never-say-it-a-die.

 You think it You Own it

We have made every possible effort to re-create your vivid imagination as far as preparing for a Competition leading to a reputed government job goes. The  eVIDYA App intends to overcome all your language barriers while accessing our e-coaching modules, to streamline your preparations and up your efficiency. Our entire coaching content is designed in your usual language-of-conversation or the Talking-language you employ in your day-to-day affairs. This will not only enhance your understanding of the subject-matter but also facilitate memory-retention to a greater extent. Once your inherited lingo is your medium of instruction too, you are bound to get accelerated towards your destination with new-found impetus. In a major addition to the learning in vernacular, eVIDYA is a complete-in-itself Preparation interface with diverse features of significance. Apart from being light on your wallet, eVIDYA provides you with every feasible online learning resource in fulfilment of your mandatory requirements towards attempting a major breakthrough across the state conducted screenings.

 Assortment of Spectacular Features

We all are aware of the fact that preparation for landing a most-sought-after government job would never come easy. To say the least, eVIDYA ensures its registered aspirants a convenient and tech-driven journey during their competitive grooming with us. Once you subscribe a program at eVIDYA, you become eligible to access all its potent dimensions which shall empower you towards a glorious future. The most articulately recorded Video lectures by best of faculties in the business, Live-interactive classes to address all your curiosity and doubts, designed-to-perfection Test Simulations, Minutely-crafted Practice Quizzes for periodic evaluation and Extensive repertoire of printed material or Book-shelf are coherently organised in your chosen program option to elevate your learning to the next perceived level. The phenomenon of virtual Gaming as an Incentivized-learning-tool catalysed by fun and frolics in plenty is a feature inter-woven into the e-platform. We can assure you of an enriching learning experience coupled with a personalised coaching acumen when the following prominent features hold you firm in your pursual:

A. Customised Video Lectures

Our pre-recorded video lessons come with a definite purpose of learning anywhere anytime courtesy eVIDYA along the Most Acclaimed of Coaching experts from the country. You can access the Aptly-elaborated-Videos, across the width of the syllabus, as per your convenience and time. The quick-to-end lessons enable you to judge your exam-preparedness and the deficiencies, in a jiffy. The series of well-knitted videos make a comprehensive coverage of the concepts and content thereof though allow you to watch them at your will.


What can be better than going live straight to your virtual classroom through eVIDYA and getting involved directly with the proceedings. The personalised Coaching sessions where you not only interact with your mentors but also get your doubts resolved at the very instant enhance the effectiveness of desired-learning to the next level. Above the real-time coaching experience, the simultaneous assessment of your learning, we offer, keeps you informed and steadfast about your competitive prudence. You get sufficiently equipped to chat live with our subject-experts who shall leave no stone unturned to clarify all that you are unable to grasp. Hence, we urge you to Learn live to learn at spur-of-the-moment.

C.  Optimum Exam Simulations

Unless and until you know what your exam would be like, you are sceptical about your scores in the actual screening. We at eVIDYA make it a strong point to let our aspirants practice hard to carve out an adroit of them. The simulations to various government get-throughs expose you to would-be-exam conditions and assist you to hone your exam-skills to score the maximum. It comprises of Test-sets of varied difficulty levels designed-to-proximity and appropriate number of immaculate Sample Papers to cut-your-task to a mere drill than a hardship. We use High-end Test Analysis Tools to evaluate your performance for a much needed feedback for correcting the flaws in the Preparation when vying for top honours. You are not only provided with the subjective analysis for all your answers but also key statistical measures for a detailed projection of your chances to succeed.

D. Crack and Win

Whenever the entertainment is engrossing and a part of your toil and grind, the life seems certainly easier. The Incentivized-virtual-Gaming when integrated into assessment of your pre-entry Competition know-how can win you exciting rewards in cash and kind, alike. The feature-for-future also helps you in gauging your competitive competence in various dimensions of relevance. If you make sure to participate in eVIDYA’S monthly quiz contest and crack 100 items on it successfully, you may be fortunate enough to bag attractive cash prizes accompanied by the premium subscription to eVIDYA App. The Gaming challenge will let you enjoy to the core while you remain tied to your seats in the process of marching ahead on the learning front.

We wish you join us, dear aspirants, sooner than later to realise a Champ in You.