An IIM Rohtak student, wants to save millions of lives by aggregating a network of healthcare providers

New Delhi : Timely access to medical attention can save millions of lives. As per the civil registration data 2013, released by Census Directorate, over 27% of deaths in India happened simply due to lack of medical attention. This reality is alarming and avoidable to a large extent.

MEDHEARTS intends to put an end to this situation by aggregating private nursing homes and private healthcare service providers on its smart platform, where patient families can check the best available services within the vicinity at the most affordable rates. It cuts down unnecessary hassles and time loss in securing ready access to medical attention. This smart medicare startup is the brainchild of Mr Saikat Sarkar, an 18-year old and a student of IIM Rohtak.

The uniqueness of Medhearts and its business philosophy has its origin in a tragic life incident of Mr Sarkar when he lost his sister two years back due to an unwanted delay in ambulance booking.

“A lot depends on how quickly and easily a patient family can access medical service providers. Think of the way we book hotel rooms today. It should be a reality in healthcare also because every delay can have severe implications on patients’ lives. My personal loss taught me this lesson, and I don’t wish anyone else to go through the same pain.” – Mr Saikar Sarkar, Medhearts.

The startup is already connecting 50+ hospitals and nursing homes with over 300 patient families daily. In India, private healthcare providers outnumber government-controlled facilities in terms of number of beds, number of doctors, medical staff and infrastructures. According to the National Family Health Survey(NFHS-3), 70% of urban households and over 60% of rural households depended on private medical service providers for their primary as well as secondary healthcare needs. The situation has not changed since then. So, connecting and aggregating private healthcare facilities on a smart network is sure to have an immense potential in terms of social as well as business value addition.