An important event in the Humanitarian Innopark of PetrSU

A collective monograph “Transformation and Integration: Karelian Periphery in the Russian Empire” was published in the publishing house “Nauka”.
The book was published under the general editorship of I. A. Chernyakova, head of the Research Laboratory of Local and Microhistory of Karelia (ILLMIK). Scientific editors: I. A. Chernyakova (Petrozavodsk), T. G. Leontyeva (Tver), Y. Ya. Korpel (Joensuu). The publication took place as a result of a four-year research project of the Academy of Finland “ The Integration of the Karelian Periphery in European Society . No 14997 “.

This is another result of the long-term partnership of PetrSU with the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Tver State University (Tver State University) and the St. Petersburg Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPbII) within the framework of the Academic Agreement TERP (Teaching-Editing-Research Project = Educational Publishing Research Project).

The team of authors led by Professor Jukka Korpela, Honorary Doctor of PetrSU, and co-leader from the Russian side, Associate Professor Irina Chernyakova, united representatives of three universities from historically established regional Karelia in Finland and Russia: Northern (UEF – Jukka Korpela, Irena Karvonen, Kati Parppei) ; Olonetskaya (PetrSU – I. A. Chernyakova, O. V. Chernyakov, E. D. Suslova) and Tverskaya (Tver State University – T. G. Leontyeva, A. V. Osipova). The fourth partner institution under the TERP Agreement in the monograph is presented by M.E. Proskuryakova, Senior Researcher of St.

At the stage of ed. In preparation for the book, the book received a detailed review from the title reviewer – the famous German historian Ludwig Steindorff.

The leadership of the publishing house “Science” represented by the deputy. Chief Editor Alexei Yuryevich Karachinsky, who oversaw the publication at all stages, entrusted its preparation to the staff of the PetrSU Publishing House Oleg Vladimirovich Chernyakov (art editor, author of the layout and design) and Olga Vasilievna Obarchuk (editorial editor).

The book is printed on coated paper, contains 488 pages, full of color illustrations, maps and tables. The list of used sources and literature contains more than 600 positions.