An Olympiad on Critical Life Skills on 14th & 15th December 2019


New Delhi: Singapore-based Skillizen Olympiad Foundation is conducting International Life Skills Olympiad (ILSO) for class III-XII, schools students of class III-XII on 14th &15th December 2019. The online registration is live at ( Students from 2000+ schools from all over the world have already registered for the first online Olympiad on Life Skills. The last day for the registration is 30th November 2019.

ILSO is the world’s 1st Olympiad on Critical Life Skills tests that assesses and helps young children to enhance their Life Skills Aptitude. There is lot of excitement among students as the 4 winners of Life Skills Olympiad will get a ticket to visit Harvard University.There are many other grand prizes for the students.

According to the Chief Convener of ILSO, Mr. Sidharth Tripathy, “It is important to ensure that children are equipped with basic life skills during the hardwiring stages of their brain development, i.e., between the ages 6-16. This will help student to face the real world challenges beyond school. Integrating the Life Skills curriculum in the child’s education is the logical next step. ”

Within India, higher numbers of schools from the Southern & Western states of India have registered their students for ILSO and internationally Africa and Middle East are the leading regions for participation in ILSO. Based on the number of countries participating, ILSO is the world’s most global assessment test of any kind at the school level.

Life Skills Olympiad is based on pioneering research on Life Skills done at Harvard University in 2011, by the founder of ‘Skillizen’. Over the years, Skillizen has come to be known as the world’s leading organization that is preparing young children for roles in the real world beyond school. Skillizen provides the world’s 1st criterion-referenced and evidence-based Critical Life Skills Curriculum for 6-16-year-old young children. The curriculum is available in online and offline modes as well.