An online “Taste” of the Science, Art and Technology in Dentistry – Top ten creation of molar from clay by secondary students

The Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) organised an online session “A glimpse of Dentistry: Science and Art and Technology” during the HKU “Week of Taster” from April 11 to 15 to give secondary school students a taste of HKU’s programmes, where secondary 2 to 4 students used their creativity to make molar models out of clay.

The online learning session held on April 13 consisted of three parts and was moderated by Dr Mike Leung, Admissions Tutor cum Assistant Dean (External Relations).

The first part was about science – dental radiology with a tutorial introducing the use of radiology in dentistry and demonstrating various dental X-rays. Students learned how to read the X-ray – distinguish whether it is the patient’s left or right side, and upper or lower jaw and if the patient is a child or an adult; and whether they are suffering from tooth decay, periodontal disease or jaw cysts. At the end of the session, there was an online quiz to test the students’ understanding of dental radiology.

The second part was about technology – 3D Printing in Dentistry. Dr. Mike Leung explained the conventional method of creating dental dentures, crowns, teeth, etc. He also introduced how the latest 3D printing technology assists in manufacturing dental restorations and its application in dental implant placement and oral and maxillofacial surgery. He highlighted the micro-mist mouthguard cleaning device designed by Dr James Tsoi, Associate Professor in Dental Materials Science, that can help elderly people clean their teeth.

The last part was about art. A video on crafting a molar step by step from the clay was shown. The students then had the chance to create one by themselves with the materials provided.

“Much like art, dentistry requires manual dexterity and an eye for beauty, as dentists work to restore teeth and correct facial structure so that patients can restore their beautiful smiles,” said Dr. Leung.

Dr. Leung thanked the students for their participation, and said: “Dentists do not just extract teeth, scale, or fill cavities. They are medical professionals who serve the public by treating dental problems, correcting jaw deformities and educating them about oral disease prevention. They shape the future of oral health care by advancing dental education, research, and technology. I hope to see you all in HKU in the near future!”

The HKU Taster event was held in April, where academics from the ten faculties gave lectures on a number of popular topics to students from Secondary 2 to 4, giving them a taste of the University’s diverse curriculum online.

The following are the best 10 submissions of the molar model:

– Au Ka Yui (St Paul’s Co-Educational College)(photo 1)
– Chan Hiu Lam, Olivia (Good Hope School)(photo 2)
– Hui Ka Yi (Kwok Tak Seng Catholic Secondary School)(photo 3)
– Lam Fon Ching, Bernice (Diocesan Girls’ School)(photo 4)
– Lam Heung Ying, Barbara (Yuen Long Lutheran Secondary School)(photo 5)
– Lam Wai Ching (True Light Middle School of Hong Kong)(photo 6)
– Lee Ming Yan (St Paul’s Secondary School)(photo 7)
– Li Yin Yeung, Joyce (HKUGA College)(photo 8)
– Wong Ka Yi, Jasmine (Heep Yunn School)(photo 9)
– Wong Ying Kiu, Ailey (The Harbour School)(photo 10)

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