An orientation on Psychosocial Support to Educators of the Hariri Network in Saida

In the framework of its education response to crisis situations in the Arab region, and in light of the current difficult circumstances Lebanon is going through, UNESCO Beirut organized on 13 January 2020 an orientation on psychosocial support (PSS) to educators of the Hariri network of schools in Saida. The orientation seminar, which took place in Khan el Franj in Saida, was attended by 70 educators from the private and public schools of the network.

Delivered by Mrs Maysoun Chehab, Basic Education Programme Officer at UNESCO Beirut, the seminar consisted of an introduction to the Psychosocial Support Kit for Teachers, produced by UNESCO Beirut in 2018. The kit is a self-learning teacher’s kit consisting of five booklets on psychosocial support targeting teachers working with children impacted conflict and emergency situations. It develops the capacity of teachers to effectively handle conflict-affected children; promote well-being and encourage participation and development of positive behaviours; and improve teaching and learning in emergency situations and the delivery of effective responses.