An Unique Sports Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Module in Odisha Sports & Sports Science Ecosystem – An Unparalleled Partnership

New Delhi: The Junior Rugby Nationals held in Odisha at KIIT Stadium from 10th – 12th
December 2021 unraveled the State’s sports ecosystem to a cutting edge Sports
Science Medico consociation ideated when three heads put together to form a
Triumvirate answering the clarion call of sports ecosystem for a holistic and
whole enchilada of Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Program in Odisha. Sports
Science India , Surge Sports & AMRI Hospitals together have ushered in a new
dawn in treatment of Sports Trauma , Sports Injury Prevention Techniques &
flawless diagnostics technology and the most important Traumatic Brain Injury
(TBI) caused by concussion. Its an earnest attempt to increase the longevity of an
athlete / player’s career and to boost the performances to greater heights
The state of Odisha in line with the vision of our Honourable Chief Minister has
progressed in leaps and bounds in attaining a global sports hub status hosting
multitude of international , national events, scouting & training with High
Performance Centres in major sports genre. This march & progression
necessitates the requirement of a complete rehabilitation/injury prevention
package of athletes & players on-field , off field , during practise & training
The Triumvirate flagged off its first event based operations when they were
selected as Medical Partners to Rugby India’s Junior & Senior Nationals being
currently held at KIIT , Bhubaneswar
Its was informed that they have already submitted a plan to the Sports & Youth
Services Department, Government of Odisha to be associated with all the events
& training programs in the state as First Medical Responders. It will be a much
powerful tool in the hands of the Odisha State Government to be completely
assured of dealing with all kinds of sports injury situations and to fulfil the dreams
of making Odisha the biggest Sports Science & Medicine Centre in the country.