Analytics Vidhya announces Data Science Bootcamp in Gurgaon

New Delhi: Analytics Vidhya, India’s leading Data Science & Analytics community has launched an innovative and first-of-its kind “Data Science Immersive Bootcamp” in Gurgaon. This 9-month intensive bootcamp will offer participants a practical learning experience by combining classroom training and on-the-job internship. During these 9 months – a select group of 30 participants will get to learn data science, get trained and groomed by expert instructors and mentors, do real life projects and finally get their dream jobs. The exhaustive curriculum of this program has been specifically designed by Data Science experts at Analytics Vidhya, keeping in mind the rigorous demands of the industry.

Talking about the need for such an immersive and focused classroom program in Data Science, Kunal Jain, (Founder & CEO – Analytics Vidhya) says, “There is no dearth of Data Science Trainings in the market today. Millions of people are upskilling themselves in Machine Learning and Data Science, but are unable to get their dream jobs. On the other side, the industry is struggling to find good professionals for data science roles. The reason for this lockdown – people do not get relevant real life experience during these trainings. To bridge the gap between the current skills of Data Science aspirants and what employers really want, we have launched this full-time (9 month) Data Science Immersive Bootcamp – where participants will undergo full-time training and gain practical experience through an internship while working on data science projects”.

Kunal Jain further adds, “The bootcamp’s curriculum, developed by data science experts from Analytics Vidhya and Industry, will cover the latest data science techniques and also provide a personalized practical learning environment to candidates. The curriculum will help participants master the concepts of Data Science, Python, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Big Data and more. By the end of this classroom program, the participants will be able to apply their learnings to solve real life data science problems.”

· This Bootcamp comes with a Paid Internship from Day 1. The participants will learn on the job while also earning stipend during this period along with the Classroom Training

· Participants will get training from experienced Data Science professionals from Analytics Vidhya and Industry.

· The bootcamp will provide an opportunity to participants to work on more than 10 real-life projects to fine tune their data science skills.

· At the end of the bootcamp, participants will get placement offers. They can also apply for jobs on their own or through our Industry Partners.

Studies suggest that in India, there are more than 60,000 vacant jobs in Data Science and Machine learning. The bootcamp will provide learning & employment opportunities to aspiring data scientists, connect them with industry leaders and also help them to build their professional network.

Interested candidates have to take up an online fit test to show their eligibility for the bootcamp. The last date to fill the application form is 10th January 2020. For more information, please visit