Analytics Vidhya Opens its Data Science Induction Program – Initiate AI for Companies

New Delhi: Analytics Vidhya, India’s largest community based knowledge portal for Analytics and Data Science professionals opened its induction program ‘Initiate AI’ for companies to onboard data science talent for free. The program initiates a data scientist in SQL for Data Science, Data Visualization and Machine Learning. This online program aims to benefit more the 500 organizations worldwide.

According to Kunal Jain Founder & CEO of Analytics Vidhya, “The recent global events have caused disruption in corporates at several levels. Most of the operations and work in corporates has moved. Online. However, most of the companies do not have an online training platform. In order to help members of our community and our clients, we decided to offer our onboarding program for data science – ‘Initiate AI’ to organizations looking to on-board data science talent in next few months. This is one of the ways we are giving back to our community.”

According to a UN agency, up to 25 Million jobs can be lost across the globe because of Coronavirus. With current economic uncertainties, companies are delaying joining and on-boarding of talent across the globe. To mitigate the impact on Data Science community and enable organizations to use data science in these difficult times, ‘Initiate AI’ is available free of cost till May 31stfor unlimited number of students. The program offers online courses, assignments and several real life industry hackathons.

Benefits of ‘Initiate AI’

1. Saves the time and efforts of HR of the organisation in training the new joinees.

2. Helps in tracking the performance and process of the new joinee seamlessly.

3. Doesn’t require any physical workplace for the training.

4. Can be easily accessed across the geographies

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