Anant National University set to launch Entrepreneurs in Residence programme

Ahmedabad : The Anant Centre for Sustainability launches the Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) programme. Three chosen entrepreneurs will each year have the opportunity to work with students, faculty and a Board of Mentors from the industry to refine their products and services, take them to market, and scale-up. Entrepreneurs will have access to one of the best Makerspaces in the country in addition to office space and accommodation on Anant National University’s campus.

The EIR program at Anant National University acknowledges the void in the Indian startup arena in affordable housing, building construction, research, real estate, design and prop-tech spaces and seeks to offer a solution. Most accelerator programmes, popularly run by venture capitalist firms worldwide, provide business and operational support but miss out on providing an essential requirement — access to subject matter experts, qualified workforce in the form of interns and workshop infrastructure —  especially in the real estate space. Anant National University’s EIR program is unique and first of its kind structured support program being made available to real estate, building sciences, design startups.

The program offers the physical infrastructure such as the state of the art Makerspace, library, working spaces, extensive industry knowledge and the pool of faculty, researchers, and students available at Anant National University.

Dhaval Monani, Director of Affordable Housing, AnantU, said, “The EIR program is an initiative to help bring in innovation in the real estate, design, property technology and construction space. Through its deep understanding of the space, university resources, industry mentors and partnerships, the programme will help budding entrepreneurs bring their ideas to fruition. It will foster the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship on campus and create opportunities for students.”

The Anant Centre for Sustainability is a Think-Teach-Do tank that focuses on affordable housing, indigenous models of circular economy and building sustainable education campuses in India. The Centre publishes research reports, releases multimedia products and delivers relevant courses and projects related to sustainability.

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