ANN clings to a winning streak, acquires leadership on all news-heavy days

Noida: Encapsulating the philosophy of cutting-edge reportage & avant-garde programming, ABP News Network (ANN) has once again prevailed as the No. 1 news network on big news days between Wk 12 – Wk 19’2020.

Through constant updates & dedicated reporting, ABP News Network has topped the charts on the Janta Curfew Day on 22 March 2020[iv], PM Modi’s Lockdown 1.0 Address on 24 March 2020[iv], PM Modi’s Lockdown 2.0 Address on 14 April 2020[iv], and MHA’s Lockdown 3.0 address on 1 May 2020.[iv]

From awareness campaigns, specially-curated programming to fresh content releases, all channels of ANN have been painstakingly working towards delivering the best possible content to the viewers, and the numbers tell the story themselves. With a special programming line-up on all major news days including ‘9 baje 9 minute’, ANN has been successful in consistently maintaining its numero uno position. On the day of the nationwide Diya lighting activity on 5 April 2020, the network was once again no. 1. (Source BARC, TG- NCCS 15+, Mkt- HSM, Gross Imp (in Mn), 05 Apr, TB- 2100-2200 Hrs).

While these numbers are a true testimony to its success, ANN has firmly entrenched itself as a leader in both premium urban markets & rural markets, via the strength & reach of its regional channels like ABP Ananda, ABP Majha, ABP Asmita & ABP Ganga. As viewers rely on local & easily accessible news for latest updates in their district and township, these channels have been a vital source of truth.

As the pandemic stretches its tentacles wider and deeper, content & news-consumption is becoming an essential requirement for the people of India. And to address this pressing need, ANN has been on the forefront of all content-affiliated innovations. In terms of inventive programming pertaining to COVID-19, engrossing segments like ‘Corona Ke Karam Yodha’ on ABP Ganga, ‘Sachchai ka Sensex’ on ABP News and Suman De’s home-bulletin on ABP Ananda have been lauded by the viewers, contributing to this leadership position.

Spearheading the domain of event virtualisation in the news-genre, the network has also given new life to its existing flagship shows like Shikhar Sammelan on ABP News & Majha Shikshan Parishad on ABP Majha, by gracefully rising above the challenges of COVID-19. These shows have not only answered the lingering questions about the ground-breaking realities of the pandemic but also brought together a confluence of the greatest names in different domains like politics, education, economics, health, etc.

Through these wide-ranging initiatives & efforts, all channels of ANN have left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of the viewers amid these challenging times.

On these series of achievements, Mr. Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP News Network said, “During this time of uncertainty & inactivity, we, at ANN, are working round the clock to ensure that the nation remains apprised through our news updates and remains connected & ‘separated together’, through the vigour and positivity of our content. These numbers truly signify that we have been successful in fulfilling our fundamental duty to the nation. And we will continue to work at this breakneck pace to ensure our viewers are always pleased with our work.”