Annual Olympiad in listening at the Institute of Economics and Law

IEP students took part in the Listening Olympiad, traditionally dedicated to socially significant topics.

The first qualifying round of the Olympiad among students of the Faculty of Economics and Law took place. Students listened to an audio lecture given at Gresham College, London. The main goal of the assignment was the most accurate understanding of an oral text of increased complexity and its presentation by means of English in writing with a minimum number of lexical, grammatical, stylistic, and semantic errors.

The lecture listening Olympiad is held by the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Humanities of Petrozavodsk State University on the basis of the Resource Center for Modern Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages. Objectives of the Olympiad: 

  • Check the development of the skill of listening to English speech and understanding the oral texts of academic discourse.
  • Promote listening to authentic lectures by renowned British scholars.
  • Promote academic mobility.
  • To draw attention to the problem of terrorism and the need to combat this phenomenon.

The finalists of the first round were: Ksenia Malaya, 2nd year, direction of training “Management” (teacher TM Tatarina), and Victor Palashov, 2nd year, direction of training “Jurisprudence” (teacher OM Sherekhova). Students’ works will compete in the second round of the Olympiad.

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