Ansal University conducts TEDxAnsalUniversity, an independently organized event licensed by TED

Gurugram: TEDxAnsalUniversity, a one-day event on August 10th, 2019, was conducted at the Ansal University campus in Gurugram. The event featured a pool of eloquent speakers, who shared their ideas on how to shape this consistently changing world into a better place.

Nine captivating speakers from different walks of life participated in the event and delivered influential talks on ideas including Social Entrepreneurship, Disability Inclusiveness, Empathy, LGBTQ, Design Thinking, Unlearn and Relearn, and Urban Sketcher. Their ideas challenged the status quo and provided new solutions for the changing times.

Prof Raj Singh, VC, Ansal University said, “TEDx proffers a platform to the young minds to present and explore new ideas and themes. Further acknowledging the success of the event, one can say the allegiance of students with TEDx to string together the event, and the prolific speakers have been a great experience. Ansal University is overwhelmed to conduct TEDxAnsalUniversity at its campus.”

TEDxAnsalUniversity is a platform for people to discuss ideas, explore thoughts, and reflect on the roots of life. From entrepreneurs to LGBTQ supporters, TEDxAnsalUniversity presented its audience with ‘The Power of Stories’. The revolutionary ideas presented by the speakers birthed a spectacular spark, which in turn encouraged the natural inspiration amongst the hearts of the attendees to bloom.

Speakers presented at TEDxAnsalUniversity –

ABHISHEK SHARMA, Founder and CEO, Aameego

JACKIE HARLAND, Speech Therapist, Director of Services at the London Children’s Practice


SAURABH KIRPAL, Senior Advocate and LGBTQ Supporter

RAINU SINGH, Executive Director Disha- a Resource Centre for Persons with Multiple Disabilities

ROHIT ANEJA, Deputy Zonal head — Branch Banking, IndusInd bank

SHALU MANAN, Culture, Performance and Talent Development Strategist

BHUVAN RASTOGI, Co-Founder &COO, Lendbox

AKSHAY GOYAL, Architect and Founder, Design’s Future’s Foundation

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