Ansal University redefines itself as Sushant University

Gurugram: Ansal University, known for its three-decade-long legacy, has recently announced to continue this journey by changing its name to “Sushant University”. Marching ahead the journey from “good to great”, aimed at incorporating practice into learning, the institution has unveiled its new and vibrant logo, designed to bring alive the university’s core values.

As humanity recalibrates itself into a new world order with a sharper vision of the future, the university, which was formerly known as Ansal University, has taken a significant stride to reflect, aggregate and reboot its identity as Sushant University. Sushant University is committed to forging ahead with renewed energy and confidence. In 30 years of magnificent legacy in education, the institution has seen an exponential growth both in terms of the diversity of discipline as well as creating leaders of innovation. It has been a catalyst of success, encouraging premium courses and quality education, and is working relentlessly towards offering a gamut of futuristic courses which are well integrated with industry requirements.

The university believes that the prevailing social, economic and cultural markers indicate anxiety and restlessness in all walks of life and for times to come, it will be imperative for everyone to help each other regain that inner and outer calmness that supports a sustainable rebuilding process. Sushant, as the name indicates, offers a haven of peace and harmony that allows germination of new ideas, nurtures excellence and innovation, thereby promoting an eloquent growth and expansion of students’ futuristic aims. The University seeks the participation and contribution of its esteemed stakeholders in fulfilling the dream and vision of reaching an impeccable potential.

Continuity, Change and Context have been the motors of the university’s remarkable progress and continue to be so. However, the leading educational institution believes that this is also a time that urges it to break free of the outdated teaching methods of the past, making way for new revolutionary systems of education. The new world requires the universities to be anchored firmly in the traditions of our glorious civilisation with a contemporary, futuristic outlook. The red and grey denote that anchor and outlook.

The colour red in Sushant’s diverse culture denotes life energy and coupled with grey to denote wisdom, together provide rootedness and momentum for the future. The success of a new world order rests on anchoring the university in the traditional wisdom of its glorious civilisation and has the momentum to take flight with new futuristic ideas.

The two vertical lines of red denoting all the students of Sushant and grey all their faculty and staff, reflect the redefined role of the teacher from that of being a master to a nurturer and a guide. The two firmly-rooted vertical lines stand in unison, tall and confident, reaching for the sky in their hopes and aspirations.

Commenting on the same, Dr. D N S Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, says, “Redefining ourselves and creating a new identity as Sushant University, we are paving a new path to growth. Matching pace with the world while leaving our mark as global leaders in education, we intend to adapt and embrace a new disruptive approach towards learning and hence we now endeavour to bring all our schools and students under the Sushant umbrella. As the world heals and the earth renews itself, Sushant University holds the torch of learning that paves the way to the peaceful new world order”.

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