Anshuman Jhingran becomes the first person to complete two-way swim from Mandwa to Elephanta and back

The teen swam for 10 hours, 19 minutes from Mandwa Jetty in Alibaug to Elephanta Caves and back


Mumbai : A 16-year-old Mumbai boy, Anshuman Jhingran, completed his 5th marathon swim from Mandwa in Alibaug to Elephanta Island and back in 10 hours, 19 minutes. The two-way swim covered a total distance of 42km. Anshuman started the swim from Mandwa Jetty at 4:41 am on Sunday, 16th December 2021.

He is the first swimmer ever to swim on this route which is a challenge due to tidal change and opposing water flow from various creeks. Braving the cold morning, he swam through the open sea to reach Elephanta Island around 9: 45am. Battling numerous jellyfish stings and inclement weather, he made his way back to reach Mandwa Jetty at 3:00 pm to finish the swim.

Anshuman trains with Shiv Chhatrapati Awardee coach Gokul Kamath and Amit Awale at the Father Agnel Sports Complex in Vashi. Anshuman’s attempt was piloted by long-distance swimming coach Kishore Patil

He has now set his eyes on swimming from Vashi to the Gateway of India on 22nd Dec 2021, which will be his 6th swim in the series.

Anshuman said, “I have given my best in all the five attempts in less than a month. I am confident that future challenges will not be tougher”.

Anshuman kicked off his open water attempt on November 24, where he completed the swim from Rewas to Gateway of India, covering a distance of 24km in 4 hours and 23 minutes. Later, on November 26, he swam 26km from Dharamtar Jetty to Mandwa Jetty in 5 hours and 34 minutes. His next attempt was from Dharamtar Jetty to the Gateway of India, covering 36km in eight hours and 19 minutes, followed by Belapur Jetty to Gateway of India, a 25km challenge he completed in five hours and 10 minutes.