ANUGOONJ – Make echoes and Observe resonance

Gurgaon: On Friday, 24th March, Middle School students of Pathways World School Aravali had an odyssey of scientific enquiry called Anugoonj 2017. Young sparkling minds and the to be Einstein’s were ready to showcase their knowledge to the world. The outdoors were decked up with all the projects and thought-provoking science games. It was a platform for the young inventors to display their products like mobile dustbin, convertible chair, self-sustaining irrigation system for their pots and many more!!

The two-day mega event began with a lot of enthusiasm with the “lighting the lamp ceremony” by our esteemed Guest of Honour – Mr. A.K. Bhatnagar, (Rtd) Director General of India Meteorological Department (IMD). Mr. Bhatnagar was an integral part of IMD and has made many contributions to the world of science.

As the Chief Guest declared the exhibition open, the students unleashed their creativity and enthusiasm. The students had put in their best effort and were all very excited about the gadgets they had created. Students were thrilled to share their self-driven research and experiments from varied areas such as DNA extraction of fruits, Electromagnetism, Elephant toothpaste, Alzheimer’s project, Dry ice volcano, rock candy etc. There were also some live stations, where spectators could try out the experiments themselves.

“Anugoonj” was an enriching experience that further motivated our students to dive deep into the world of science and explore new horizons.