Anytime Fitness Launches Virtual Fitness, with Modules for Beginners and Regular Gym Goers, as India Stays Under Corona Lockdown

New Delhi: To help the nation fight the Coronavirus and build immunity as immunity is the only defense that one has to have to not get affected by the virus, Anytime Fitness launched a range of exciting virtual online initiatives for the citizens of India, fitness enthusiasts and regular gym goers, to help them stay fit, while engaging in live training sessions under expert trainers amid the lockdown.

Anytime Fitness, the leading chain of Gyms in India, with nearly 100 centres Pan India, was quick to listen to what the gym goers were seeking in these trying times of Covid-19. There was so much happening around in terms of how to boost immunity. We know that regular exercise and diet helps in building immunity. More and more fitness enthusiasts pushed to stay fit, but were struggling with a national lockdown, Anytime Fitness adapted quickly to use its task force of over 1500 trainers to come up with bespoke online training sessions for fitness. These online classes were an instant hit, as online searches for online fitness regimes grew overnight, with our country of 1.3 billion people going into a self-isolation mode to fight the spread of COVID-19. The calendar of online classes includes a range of fitness regimes including Yoga, dance classes, bodyweight strength workouts and HIIT routines, thus enabling all kinds of audiences to join in and continue to maintain their fitness levels while under lockdown. Anybody can go on the Facebook page of Anytime Fitness India and participate in these live sessions. If they are not available to watch it when the session is live, then they also have the option of watching the session later on that page.

Apart from the many online sessions Anytime Fitness is also offering paid 1-1 sessions to those who demand for it basis of their specific requirements. People want extra Motivation, Guidance & accountability or have some injury that doesn’t allow them to participate in the group workouts. Anytime Fitness has geared up to help those who need more help and guidance.

As more and more Corporate firms lay off staff, Anytime Fitness’s idea of online classes also allows its trainers to retain jobs and work from home. A live session allows the trainer and trainee to interact freely. An online calendar was released for the month, which allows the trainees to schedule their times, and also allows them to get a variety of sessions without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Vikas Jain, the Managing Director of anytime Fitness says, “As the globe went into self-quarantine, and India pushed its vast population indoors with a complete national lockdown, the individual fitness regimes of our thousands of members not only was a concern for the individuals themselves, but also became our immediate responsibility to find solutions. At Anytime Fitness we contribute to the health and fitness and we couldn’t just let a Virus take all that away from us and our members. Our team was quick to respond with a schedule for online classes that caught on steam pretty fast. In fact, we have had thousands of people joining us and watching the online sessions as the industry leader responding with quick actions and allowing them to take advantage of these sessions held by our expert trainers. This way they practised self-isolation and are still working it out to stay fit. We cover all audiences from 18 to 60, with typical 1-hour sessions of online trainings conducted by specialised fitness experts. This lockdown has propelled our reach to millions in lockdown and has given us access to thousands of districts we did not have a brick and mortar presence within. We will continue to serve the nation with bespoke fitness modules for each individual. Our next target is customised solutions for kids who are maybe lesser exposed to physical activities than previous generations as we fight obesity in children. As a nation, we now have the second-highest population of obese kids in the world, next only to China and we need to do something about this alarming fact soon.”

Chirag Khurana, Sr Manager Marketing added, “The online surge in searches for fitness classes grew as soon as we went into lockdown, and the increased number of requests for alternatives by the audiences visiting our web and social media handles encouraged us. Our management worked hard to place these fitness classes online immediately and the response has been heartening to say the least. The essence of the idea is to make people aware of fitness playing a vital role in every individual. We are happy to be able to contribute to the community at large, while we all stay home to beat the global pandemic.”

Anytime Fitness operates nearly 100 gyms in India, with 20 more at the verge of opening their doors, with each club having a staff strength of over 20 people including general trainers, personal trainers and support staff, is India’s premier gym chain and has served over 2.5 lakh members and is growing by the day. As the internet reach grows and we get lesser and lesser times for ourselves, it is still important to stay fit. Online fitness classes help achieve fitness goals without having to travel and still having the option of custom classes to stay fit, while being trained by fitness experts live in online sessions. It is time to maximise use of technology to embrace fitness for our citizens. A range of sessions ​ensures there is something for everyone’s likes and preferences. Learn more at