APEDA and Indian Embassy, Azerbaijan organize virtual Buyer Seller Meeting with Azerbaijan for increasing exports of Basmati Rice to CIS country

New Delhi: In a bid to boost exports potential of India’s agricultural and processed food products exports, APEDA hasorganized a Virtual Buyer Seller Meet (BSM) in association with Indian Embassy in, Azerbaijan today. The meet brought together key stakeholders from the respective Governments and trade on a common platform for strengthening strategic cooperation between India and Azerbaijan in export of Basmati Rice.

Due to the ongoing Covid19pandemic, the export promotion programme were not possible to be organized physically. APEDA took a lead to organize Virtual BSM to provide a platform to the exporters and importers of India and Azerbaijan

This Virtual-BSM with Azerbaijan is the 16th in the series of such events organized by APEDA with various countries. Earlier such virtual Virtual-BSM was first organized with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) followed by Kuwait, Indonesia, Switzerland, Belgium, Iran, South Africa, Germany, The United States, Canada and Australia, Thailand and Nepal .

During the Virtual-BSM, presentations were made by of leading Basmati Rice Exporters. The National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers’) Organisations of the Repuyblicof Azerbaijan (ASK) explained their requirement or standards for Basmati Rice imports from India.

The Virtual BSM was joined by His Excellency Mr B. Vanlalvawna, Ambassador of India to Azerbaijan, Dr. M. Angamuthu, Chairman APEDA, Mr. S.S.Nayyar, General Manager, APEDA, Dr. Sudhanshu, Secretary, APEDA, Dr. D. D. K.Sharma, Director(BEDF), APEDA, Mr. FuadHumbatov, Deputy Secretary General, The National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers’) Organisations of the Repuyblic of Azerbaijan (ASK), and Senior Officials of APEDA and Embassy of India, Azerbaijan, Indian Basmati Rice Exporters and rice importers of Azerbaijan.

Ever since the COVID pandemic, there is an increased shift of focus towards CIStrade partners by India for creating new opportunities for alliance in agricultural and processed food sector.


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