Apollo Tyres felicitates women achievers

Vadodara: To commemorate the International Women’s Day, Apollo Tyres felicitated eight women achievers from across the country, who have brought a positive impact in their entire community. These 8 women, in addition to having worked for their own empowerment and livelihood generation, have also aligned with similar women from their own or nearby villages, and have provided income opportunities to them as well by forming self-help groups.

Apollo Tyres, in a specially organised programme in Vadodara, Gujarat, felicitated the women achievers, which was attended by the Mayor and District Collector of Vadodara, in addition to other dignitaries and Apollo Tyres’ representatives. The success stories of these achievers were shared as inspiration to other women present. The event also hosted a panel discussion on Gender Diversity in India: with a special focus on rural livelihood.

Apollo Tyres’ Livelihood and Income Generation Initiative, ‘NAVYA’

Programme Navya, under Apollo Tyres Foundation, focuses on generating livelihood and improving the well-being of underprivileged women by providing opprotunities at their doorstep. As the name suggests, this programme is a flight of independence taken by the women towards self-realisation, discovering a new self to embark on new beginning. This programme is being implemented in the states of Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Recently, this programme was also won the Best Project Award in the Sustainable and Impactful Category at 3rd National CSR Conclave organised by Gujarat CSR Authority.

Apollo Tyres supports the participation of rural women by providing them livelihood opportunities and sensitising them about gender rights and other social issues that affect their lives, including better rural livelihood and improved social status. Women are trained for income generation through farming and non-farming activities. The latter includes vocational skills such as tailoring, apiculture, khakhra making, sanitary napkin making, rubber sheet making, mushroom cultivation, pineapple processing, etc. Farm-based trainings include livestock care and management and scientific agriculture practices.