Applications for the Northumbria University Pathway with St. George’s University, Grenada, are open for the academic year 2022-2023

St George’s University (SGU) in Grenada, West Indies, announces that admissions for aspiring doctors are open for the Northumbria University pathway, that provides students an opportunity to start their medical career in the United Kingdom.

SGU’s partnership with Northumbria University offers international students a chance to live in Newcastle upon Tyne, while completing up to 50% of their degree in the UK, earning a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.

Applications are open for the Northumbria University pathway for the upcoming academic year, starting in September 2022. Students can now submit their applications to pursue a medical degree from SGU, starting in Northumbria University, offering a truly international educational experience.

At the Northumbria University City Campus in Newcastle upon Tyne, the university has invested more than £250 million in its estate over the last decade. The campus is continuously evolving to create an environment where medical aspirants worldwide can shape their future. All SGU students live together at the Trinity Square accommodation in Gateshead, a modern development, only a twenty-minute walk or quick Metro ride from the City Campus. “When living and studying in an international environment, students experience a well-rounded, culturally diverse medical education, which is the foundation of any successful doctor’s career,” says Dr. James Coey, Course Director, Associate Chair and Associate Professor in Anatomy at St. George’s University in partnership with Northumbria University.

Since the UK pathway partnership commenced in January 2007, it has since welcomed more than 1,700 medical students to Newcastle.

The exceptional MD programs on offer have multiple entry points for students from various education systems around the world. St. George’s University students starting their journey at Northumbria University can join the four-year, five-year, or six-year program. The five- and six- year preclinical programs include coursework designed to prepare students for medical school during preclinical sciences.

The final two years of SGU’s MD program focus on clinical sciences, with training opportunities at over 70 clinical centres and affiliated hospitals in the United States or United Kingdom. Clinical training emphasizes responsibility, maturity, and compassion in the development of professional excellence. Students learn how to conduct themselves as physicians, take responsibility, work harmoniously with professional colleagues, and exhibit maturity.

Students at SGU have an opportunity to learn medicine in some of the best and most well-known hospitals in the world. Clinical studies include core rotations, sub-internships, primary care, and elective rotations in specialties such as surgery, paediatrics, psychiatry, and family medicine.

SGU is truly an international institution with pathways around the world, and clinical facilities that provide international students with medical experience and exposure that ensures starting their healthcare career with diversity, confidence, and well-roundedness. Not only does the Northumbria University pathway provide an opportunity to start their medical degrees in the UK, but it also provides international students from India a smooth transition to living abroad.

Students can find more information on SGU’s Northumbria Pathway, admission requirements, application processes and more at

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