Applications open for world-class summer schools

Applications for Université Paris-Saclay’s varied summer school programme have opened.

Covering multidisciplinary fields, the courses, seminars, workshops, and hackathons are led by world-class research teams from the university.

The summer schools offer the opportunity to learn from associate professors and active researchers, access devices, laboratories, and internationally-recognised speakers in their field, and strengthen students’ experiences and professional careers.

Welcoming international students, Université Paris-Saclay encompasses many institutions and laboratories south-west of Paris. These represent over 15% of France’s research and provide education for over 65,000 graduate and postgraduate students from around the world.

Located at the heart of the French technological valley, the five summer school areas are –

  • Biodiversity, Agriculture and Food, Society and the Environment
  • Biology, Medicine, Pharmacy
  • Engineering, Information Science and Technology
  • Basic sciences; Mathematics, chemistry, physics
  • Economics and Social Sciences

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