Apply Early for U.S. Visas this Summer

New Delhi: The U.S. Embassy in New Delhi recommends travelers across India apply early for U.S. visas due to heavy demand. At this time, applicants across India may wait 30 days or more for a visa interview appointment to become available and the Embassy expects this wait time to continue for at least the next few months. Mission India’s nonimmigrant visa workload is one of the largest in the world, processing over a million visas a year. In the last five years, the demand for visas to travel to the United States has increased by over 60 percent.

The U.S. Embassy and our four Consulates are constantly working to improve service and meet demand, but applicants should be aware that the summer is a peak travel season and there will be delays in getting visa appointments. Travelers should apply early to avoid potential delays.

Applicants are also reminded to beware of scams and fraud. The only way to get a U.S. visa is through official channels. Someone can either apply and have an interview at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate, or if they have had a visa before and meet certain criteria, they may qualify to have their visa renewed. Anyone claiming they can guarantee a visa in exchange for a fee is attempting to defraud you. Applicants should be smart and apply the right way.

Consular sections in Mission India are currently only able to expedite visa appointments for cases involving genuine emergencies. To request an emergency appointment, contact them at, schedule a regular interview appointment, and then click “apply for an expedited appointment.”

For more information on applying for visas please see:

Visa officers take questions live online every Friday at 2 p.m. at: