Approbation of the route within the expedition “Kalevala – 2021”

The Kalevala-2021 expedition took place in June 2021, however, work on the materials received is still ongoing.
As part of the expedition, it was possible to test the route proposed as part of the graduate work of the student department of tourism. Student A.Yu. Tychinskaya suggested a route posted on the YouTube-page of the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The members of the expedition on bicycles made a trip to the indicated places, giving appropriate comments and recommendations on the route.

The revised material is published in the text of the final qualifying work. The group testing the route included: V. Shevchenko, T. Dmitrieva, A. Naumovich, O. Vasilieva, J. Pugacheva, A. Ostashev, V. Makarov, E. Lobachev, S. Malunova.

Practical exercises of this kind help students of different areas of training and courses to unite and create a high-quality tourist product, as well as a scientific foundation for future work,

the members of the expedition consider.

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