Architecture and Environment Talk Series 2021 by SCAD

Chennai: Saveetha College of Architecture and Design organizes a unique “Talk Series” on Architecture and Environment. Over 30 architects from across the world are presenting in the talk series. The SCAD Talk Series addresses a wide range of environmental issues, Architectural practice in India, and new building typologies, etc. It raises many significant issues – “How can architects contribute and participate in the shaping of the built environment?”, “How can trans-disciplinary processes collaborating with engineers, environmentalists, and scientists, enrich the profession of architecture?”, “What is role of new digital technologies and Artificial Intelligence in this rapid transformation and the future prospects of architecture?” And many more . . . . . The talk series starts from July 2021 till December 2021. Watch out for Updates on Instagram #scad_architecture.

Architects from different regions of the world are presenting their design processes, projects and experiments in improving the environment.


Ar. Peter Rich (South Africa)

Ar. Hariharan (Chennai)

Ar. Jeremy Smith (NewZealand)

Ar. Aster Speckens (Amsterdam)

Ar. Sujatha Shanker

Ar. Madhusudanan

Ar. Murali Murugan (Chennai)

Ar. Vigneswar (Chennai)

Ar. Senthilkumar (Bangalore) and several more from across the world will be addressing.


The pandemic has raised new aspects, with online education, taking on a new relevance. The SCAD Architecture and Environment Talk Series has invited a wide range of architects and professionals involved with the built-environment to discuss these new directions, to ensure that both architectural education as well as practice, continues to remain relevant and meet societal and environmental needs, in the context of climate change.


Digital software and Artificial Intelligence has now provided young architects with new opportunities. There is a rapid transformation of architectural practice, shaped by the liberalized economy and new digital technologies. The series also invites talks on traditional building crafts and Heritage.


The SCAD Architecture Talk series seeks new directions relevant to our contemporary context, new understandings, processes, along with best practices. The content will contribute and benefit students, young architects and provide new directions for both practice and pedagogy. Young architects, senior firms and diverse typologies find a voice on the SCAD online platform.