Arizona State University: ASUPD ‘Cop Check’ Gives Misconduct Reporting Power to the Public

The Arizona State University Police Department has debuted the “Cop Check” feature for the university’s LiveSafe app, allowing members of the community to immediately report potential police misconduct on campus.

“It’s an important feature to progress department transparency,” ASU Police Chief Michael Thompson said. “We are giving our constituents the ability to hold our officers accountable. We take any police misconduct within our department seriously, and we want to show our community that we’re in this together.”

Once a report is received, a member of the ASU Police Communications team will reach out to get a location of the incident. All reports, photos and videos of potential misconduct will be reviewed, and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken for any policy violations found.

In order to utilize the “Cop Check” feature, community members will need to download the LiveSafe app.

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