AROH felicitates teachers as ‘Ambassadors of Education’


New Delhi: On the occasion of “Teachers’ Day”, AROH Foundation, a leading national level NGO organised various cultural and informative events at its project sites to highlight the importance of teachers and appreciate them. Aligning to United Nation’s Development Goal of “Education for All” and Government of India’s “Right to Education”, Children and adults of 55 remotest villages of Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Meghalaya were acquainted with importance of education and teachers towards designing the future of the nation.

To commemorate the day and show solidarity towards their teachers, hundreds of Children in the villages of Uttar Pradesh were engaged in a Painting Competition, and the winning cards were gifted as a token of respect and regards to their teachers. Around 250 women enrolled in 20 different Adult Literacy Centres run by AROH Foundation were motivated towards being educated and for being the protagonists of change in their homes, villages and the society. Top performing women teachers were facilitated as “Ambassadors of Education” title and inculcated with the responsibility to train others for the mission of “No Illiteracy”.

At AROH’s site in New Delhi, where a project focused on remedial education is being run, 500 underprivileged deprived children from slums of Southern Delhi along with their parents participated in an awareness drive towards literacy. In the slums of Sangam Vihar, a workshop on training of teachers was also organized.

Hundreds of trainee youth at various Deen Dayal Upadhayay Grameen Kaushal Yojna Centers run by AROH Foundation in UP, Bihar and Odisha acknowledged the vital role of their trainers in shaping and guiding them. Cultural events were organized at all the centres and included many activities such as singing and dance competitions, poetry recitation, among other. The project site of Garima, a skill development initiative for the development of the underprivileged women at Haridwar also witnessed celebration of teachers’ day.

AROH Foundation has been an active catalyst of holistic development in around 100 remotest villages of various states of India in association with HDFC Bank. Education and Schools have always been the hub of change in these villages and extensive interventions like renovation and construction of sanitation units, solar run water and electricity facility, latest technology of Teaching Learning techniques like Computer training, Smart Class, Library set ups has been strategically put into place for development of the community and the society. Along with children, adults of the villages are also engaged into Adult Literacy and Digital Literacy campaigns helping them match steps with the youth.

Dr Neelam Gupta, President & CEO of AROH Foundation, marked the closing ceremony saying, “Every child should have the right to education because it leads to not on the growth of that individual child but that of the family, the community, the society and the entire Nation. And in addition to your family, your teachers are first set of leader and guides that help you find the right path. On this teacher’s day, we want to create awareness and show these guides that we respect and appreciate them; while also highlighting the importance of education for all.”