Art & Culture Industry badly affected by Lockdown


Sundeep Bhutoria writes to Prime Minister

Seeks Survival Package for Folk Artists, Craftsman and Artisans

New Delhi – In this tough situation the world is suffering huge loss, not only with the health but it has adversely hit the economy. In this lockdown period which has now been extended to May 3rd, there are thousands of poor artisans, folk artistes, whose work has been impacted due to covid-19 pandemic situation, as millions daily bread has been compromised.

Even during normal times these poor unsung torchbearers of India’s rich culture legacy barely manage to make ends meet. In the face of this pandemic, thousands of such artisans, cultural workers, and craftsmen are enduring immense hardship. They do not even have a proper platform to articulate their grievances.

To give voices to the marginalized and unorganized sector of art and culture, social activist and cultural critic Sundeep Bhutoria has written to the honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi. In his letter he has requested Modi Ji to draw his government attention to this sector also and announce interim relief to poor artisan and their family.

Now at this point of time of pandemic situation, it has become very difficult to earn livelihood for poor artisans and folk artisans, etc. They are now in desperate need of Governmental support to sustain themselves and keep their traditional crafts and skills alive.

In his appeal to the Prime Minister Sundeep Bhutoria said, “It is my humble request to kindly work out a survival package at the earliest for the impoverished artisans, craftsmen and cultural workers of India. I assure you that we have already started in our own small way to raise resources to help some such artistes and artisans tide over this crisis. But even the slightest hand-holding from the Government at this critical time will give these anonymous heroes renewed hope to hold the flag of India’s artistic and cultural heritage aloft.