Artist Suvigya Sharma allies with OwlUnited to protect globally endangered species

New Delhi: Renowned international miniature artist Suvigya Sharma partners with OwlUnited- a revolutionary NFT project uniting business, charity, and digital art, towards their mission to protect endangered species globally. Suvigya, a TEDx speaker and an artist known for his miniature paintings, fresco work, heritage restoration, and life-size portraits, recently made news about his first collection of NFTs named ‘Perishious’, dedicated to perishing animals. The artist now takes it a notch higher with this global collaboration. OwlUnited is a global NFT project, aiming to turn each holder into an active shareholder in a licensed company, with a growth-oriented mindset in many sectors. With a philanthropic side in the same project, Suvigya joins forces to empower his mission.

Suvigya, through this mission, will be engaging talented digital artists in India in creating some of OwlUnited’s 33,333 NFTs in the OwlCollection; part of which will be auctioned at a pre-sale auction event. Both, Suvigya Sharma and OwlUnited’s Founder, Samuel Zekri are keen to share part of the auction revenue with the mission of supporting the endangered species of the world.

“As an animal lover and an artist, I am really thrilled to be a part of this global mission, as we are working towards one of the most crucial causes of saving endangered species through the involvement of art. Also, I am looking forward to Indian artists participating extensively in our mission to explore a plethora of global opportunities through the NFT space”, says Suvigya.

Samuel Zekri, Founder of OwlUnited and expert in NFT, is eager to announce that having Suvigya onboard, scales up OwlUnited NFT’s global mission while combining OwlUnited ABCs within one triangle of values “Art-Business-Charity” altogether.

With India being a powerhouse of creativity and art coupled with growing NFT sales value globally, this initiative is sure to create an enormously positive impact on endangered species’ conservation.