ASBL organizes ‘National Engineer’s Day Symposium’


Hyderabad: Ashoka Builders India Private Limited (ASBL) organized a ‘National Engineer’s Day Symposium’ to pay homage to Dr. M. Visvesvaraya, the Father of Engineering on 15th September, his birth anniversary.

It is a known fact that engineering and real estate industry are highly intertwined, and ASBL, was eager to pay a tribute to the person who laid the foundation for Indian engineers – Dr. M. Visvesvaraya.

The panelists for the event were eminent experts from the construction and engineering industries. The chief guest for the evening was Mr. Ramesh Mantha, Director of MA Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. He has over 40 years of experience in design and project management in India and abroad, in a wide range of civil engineering projects. Mr. Anuj Kapoor, Founder, Stratcap Corporate Advisors LLP, brought in industry expertise and raised pertinent points from a construction finance perspective. Dr. Bhupathi Sridhar, the civil HoD at Vasavi College of Engineering, gave an insight from an academic stand point. To contribute to this future focused panel discussion, Mr. Chandra Sekhar Babu Vasireddy, the co-founder and CEO of Inncircles Technologies, was there to speak about construction technology. And Mr. Ajitesh Korupolu, Founder & CEO of ASBL represented the real estate realm.


The topic of the day was “Reimagining Engineering in India”. During the panel discussion, the panelists discussed how technology has to play the role of a catalyst for increasing engineering efficiency, in order to meet the demands of tomorrow.  Mr. Ajitesh Korupolu mentioned how Dr. Visvesvaraya paved the way for us in the field of engineering, and what we as a nation need to do now is to increase efficiency. Only then can we achieve development at scale in the future.


Addressing the event, Mr. Ramesh Mantha, said, “As a civil engineer myself, I am very happy to witness such an event. Dr. Visvesvaraya pioneered engineering in India; to be able to acknowledge his contributions to Indian Engineering is a very special thing for me. I believe that all the new, young engineers of our country should look at his body of work and gain inspiration from him.”


“We are truly honored to have this opportunity to pay homage to the Father of Indian Engineering. At a time when the nation lacked the technical know-how to solve infrastructural and engineering problems, Dr. Visvesvaraya paved the way for us. His work has stood the test of time, and we as a nation are still benefiting from his contributions. ASBL as a brand strives for engineering expertise and constant innovation. Keeping that in mind, we were certain that we wanted to organize this event as an ode to him”, exclaimed Mr. Ajitesh Korupolu, Founder & CEO of ASBL.


Ashoka Builders India Private Limited (ASBL) is a dynamic and rapidly growing brand in the Hyderabad real estate realm. ASBL’s constant efforts to innovate in terms of design and construction technology have made them synonymous with reliability, quality, and time-sensitivity.


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