‘Ashoka: The Mauryan Emperor’ by Campfire Graphic Novels sweeps The Comic Con India Awards


New Delhi, March 2019: Campfire Graphic Novels – pioneers of graphic novels from India have swept the 2019 edition of the awards, with four awards for their work Ashoka – The Mauryan Emperor, including Gold in the Best Graphic Novel/Comic Book of the Year.

Of the six nominations, Campfire won four awards:

· Best Graphic Novel/ Comic Book of the Year- Gold

· Best Colorist- Gold

· Best Penciller/Inker Team- Gold

· Best Writer- Silver

According to Ms. Girija Jhunjhunwala, Director, Campfire Graphic Novels, “I was really anxious this time, because the competition has increased manifold. A lot of good work is being done in the industry. And we were absolutely delighted when we won the awards. Four out of six is pretty neat and my heartiest congratulations to the entire Team.”

Comic-Con India was started in 2011 to promote comics and graphic novels in the country. It hosts conventions in 4 major cities, which see a combined footfall of 2,00,000+. It might have started out as a niche event, but has lately become the pioneer of pop culture in India. Every year they give awards to encourage talent.

“The awards put us at the top of the comic/graphic novel industry in the country. This gives us the motivation and the deserved recognition for the hard work we put in, to be able to bring out the best possible work.” Added Ms. Jhunjhunwala

“Through the Comic Con India Industry Awards, our aim is to highlight and support the tremendous quality of work being done in the industry. With this edition of the Awards, Comic Con India wishes to continue their commitment to not just the cause of Indian comics & graphic arts, but also to the larger pop culture community in the country. I congratulate all the nominees & winners for showcasing great work this year.” Added Mr. Jatin Varma, Founder and Managing Director for Comic Con India.