Ashoka University appoints eminent jurist Justice Madan Lokur as University Ombudsperson


New Delhi : Ashoka University today announced the appointment of Hon’ble Mr. Justice Madan Lokur, former Judge of the Supreme Court of India, as the University Ombudsperson. The Ombudsperson will provide impartial and independent guidance to the Ashoka community. The appointment of Justice Lokur further strengthens the University’s efforts at institutionalizing its processes and practices.

According to Prof. Malabika Sarkar, Vice-Chancellor, Ashoka University, ”It is an honour for the University that Justice Lokur has agreed to be Ashoka’s first Ombudsperson. With his vast experience and distinguished career, he commands the respect of the entire University community.”

The Ombudsperson will make recommendations to faculty, staff and the University leadership on matters that are referenced to his office. The Ombudsperson will also counsel the complainants on avenues within and outside the University for redressal of their issues. As an external person with no conflict of interest, the Ombudsperson will provide counsel and guidance to Ashoka community members on a confidential basis.

Any member of the Ashoka faculty or staff can reach out to the Ombudsperson for any issue they believe is not being satisfactorily resolved through the University’s existing processes.

The primary role of the Ombudsperson will be to ensure faculty and staff well-being, to provide a confidential and safe space for them to be heard, and to provide a forum should there be concerns in the realm of harassment, inappropriate behaviour, unprofessional conduct, abuse of power, unlawful termination of service or restrictions on university policy on freedom of expression and to advise both the faculty/staff member and the university on the resolution of disputes regarding the same.


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