Ashoka University offers FULL FINANCIAL AID to 100 STUDENTS for the 2019 Admission to the Undergraduate Programme


For the 2019 intake of the Undergraduate programme, Ashoka University is offering FULL FINANCIAL AID to 100 STUDENTS.

Ashoka University is committed to making high-quality education accessible to deserving students, irrespective of their social or economic backgrounds. Admission to Ashoka University is based purely on the merit and potential of the candidates, whereas the financial aid offered to students is dependent on their ability to pay.

No student has ever been turned down due to his or her personal financial constraints.

Ashoka has already provided need-based financial aid to over 2200 students. This makes us India’s largest financial support programme in higher education.

Liberal Education

Liberal, multidisciplinary education is rapidly gaining recognition across the world and in India as the most relevant education for the 21st century. Ashoka University’s Undergraduate programme exposes students to many different perspectives inside and outside the classroom, preparing them to be critical thinkers, effective communicators and leaders with a commitment to social impact. Ashoka students have the freedom to design their own curricula to explore and discover their passions. Ashoka’s admissions process has a holistic approach to assessment which allows every candidate to present his or her unique identity, beyond just examination performance.

World-Class Faculty

Some of the best academics and scholars from across the world have joined Ashoka University over the years. Our faculty members are renowned for the impact they have made in their respective fields and the ability to inspire students with original ideas. They strive to create an extraordinary learning environment both inside and outside the classroom, and their research is constantly pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.

About Admissions

The current round of admissions closes on 9th April, 2019. The application process is fully online. Ashoka University does not charge any fee for submitting admission applications.

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