Ashoka University Opens Admissions for its Undergraduate Programme (Class of 2020)


New Delhi: Ashoka University today announced that the application process for admission to the Undergraduate Degree programme (incoming Class of 2020) will open on October 9.

Ashoka University, a premier liberal arts and sciences university, offers students a total of 20 majors across sciences, humanities and social sciences. Early applicants get an opportunity to get a confirmed decision as early as January 2020. Candidates can apply with their SAT/ACT scores or take the Ashoka Aptitude Test during the interview round.

The Undergraduate Degree programme gives students an opportunity to combine multiple academic interests into a single degree programme. Ashoka University offers students a total of 20 pure or interdisciplinary Majors. Students can also pick Minors from among 17 disciplines on offer. It is mandatory for students to undertake 7 Foundation Courses that give them a grounding in liberal education before they declare a Major. While admission to Ashoka University is based on holistic assessment including academic merit, financial aid is assessed entirely on the basis of the financial standing of the student’s family. 50% of Ashoka’s student body is on some form of financial aid.

The Undergraduate Degree programme offers pure subject Majors in both B.A. and B.Sc. Honours. A student can pursue Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Economics, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology/Anthropology or Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science, Physics, Biology, and Mathematics. The Interdisciplinary Majors can be chosen from both B.A. and B.Sc. Honours. These are History and International Relations, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Politics and Society, Economics and History, English and Journalism, English and Creative Writing for B.A. Hons, and Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, and Economics and Finance for B.Sc. Hons. The Minors available are Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Entrepreneurship, Creative Writing, Environmental Studies, International Relations and Media Studies.

Ashoka University students receive a world-class education from globally renowned faculty members, celebrated for their contribution to their respective fields and also for their ability to inspire students with original ideas. Also, the university’s partnerships with more than 15 global institutions provide students with access to attractive Study Aboard options, including Semester Abroad and Summer Abroad.

For further information about the application process and financial aid, please visit: and