Ashoka University is working with Cambridge for Student Admissions

New Delhi: Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (Part of the University of Cambridge) is working with Ashoka University, NCR, New Delhi to help them measure key skills of people applying for undergraduate courses.

The Liberal Arts University is using The Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) developed by Cambridge as key recruitment tool to measure applicants’ critical thinking and problem solving skills. The University has been using the computer-based test since late 2018 and so far nearly 1,000 applicants have been tested.
Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) is a test developed by Cambridge Assessment that measures ability in critical thinking and problem solving, skills which are essential for success in higher education.
Earlier this year, experts from Cambridge Assessment English, UK visited the University to see first-hand how the introduction of testing is having an impact on student recruitment. Back in August 2018 Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing signed an agreement with Ashoka University. As part of the agreement Ashoka University started to use the TSA to help select applicants to all undergraduate courses including: Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology, Physics, and Biology.
During the visit, Dave Baker from Cambridge Assessment English said, “Ashoka is a key University in the region and it’s really encouraging to see how seriously they take the admission of students. Skills such as problem solving are critical for people taking degree courses and it helps them have a positive experience of university life.”
Rahul Sreekumar, Senior Manager, Office of Admissions at Ashoka University said, “Ashoka University, being a leading Liberal Arts University in India, and following a holistic admissions process seeks to evaluate and identify high potential candidates with critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities. The Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) offered by Cambridge Assessment is in absolute congruence with the philosophy of the vision of Ashoka. The TSA is true to its name and has considerably helped to bolster the efficacy of our admission processes. The functionality and the accessibility of content coupled with the remarkably user friendly interface of the TSA has helped us in conducting our test effortlessly. The TSA also helps us address the challenges that come with the evaluation and assessment of a diverse range of applicants within the Indian and International contexts.”